Innovation Management

Innovation Management

“There’s a way to do it better – find it”

Thomas A. Edison

MindmeUp is the only company in Northern Greece that utilizes modern and innovative methodologies for the development of ideas, known as Idea Generation Tools. The tools can be used by companies that need to develop original ideas for the creation of new products/services – from scratch – or for the improvement of existing products, services, strategies and processes.

In today’s competitive environment, the adoption of innovation is a key parameter for success and sustainability. Towards this direction, we apply specialized innovation models, through a holistic, creative and multi-parametric approach, which will improve the efficiency of existing products and services. Through a creative and innovative process you will also have the opportunity to create new ideas for services and products, and follow a successful development strategy.

The techniques and methodologies that we apply help you to take advantage of the opportunities that fit your business model, minimizing simultaneously the risks taken. The tools we use are adapted according to the requirements of each problem or the needs of your company, in accordance with modern European and International Standards. We help you introduce innovation in your business and make a difference in the market!

Work with us to create new business and organizational model, which incorporate in your corporate philosophy the application of a structured and functional model of sustainable innovation. We connect corporate, with environmental, social and economic excellence. We examine and evaluate all the internal and external processes of your company and identify the sectors that have the potential for immediate improvement. We develop a customized and specialized innovation plan for the sector of your business, which gradually or radically introduces the necessary improvement, without affecting the current operation of the organization.

The success of innovation is inextricably linked to the culture and strategy of your company. It is now necessary to create a fertile innovation ecosystem with application throughout the value chain of your company, and not only in the commercialization of technologies, products and services. Let’s create together a solid foundation now, for a successful business future!

We identify the most appropriate, original and feasible ideas, through modern idea evaluation methodologies, known as Idea Evaluation Tools. The ideas are tailored to the requirements of the problem and your company and in accordance with modern European and International standards. We evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of your business based on four different Innovation Standards, in order to ensure that your business model meets the needs of the market and communicates the necessary to all strategic partners.

  • Product Innovation
  • Processes Innovation
  • Organizational Innovation
  • Marketing Innovation

We create a knowledge system, which focuses on collectivity and lays the foundations for achieving the desired differentiation in the long term future.