Business Development

Business Development

Creating business plans is an important success criterion for new and existing businesses. As a tool, it helps the company choose the appropriate development strategies for its products and services, based on the needs of both the company itself and the market. More simply, a business plan should describe what stage the entrepreneur is at, indicate where they want to go, and outline how they propose to get there.

The process of developing a comprehensive and effective business plan is a task that requires a significant investment of resources and time on the part of the business. The process we follow is divided into four different stages, each of which has a separate format. In the first stage, we record your goals, needs and requirements in detail, and they are evaluated based on current strategies. In the second stage, the assessment of the current situation of the sector to which the company belongs, its attractiveness and the actions of its core businesses is carried out. In the third stage, the assessment of the current state of the business, competition analysis and comparative standardization based on the dominant competitors of the sector is carried out. Finally, in the fourth stage, the company’s financial analyses, proposed actions, objectives, strategies and forecasts for the coming years are presented.

Through integrated methods and modern tools, we select suitable candidate partners for you by matching their qualifications, abilities and knowledge with the respective job position. The successful selection of personnel begins with the precise description of the job position and the selection of the appropriate means of communicating the position (one or more). Our company also actively participates in the design of the job position, responsibilities and objects of the prospective partner, with the aim of maximizing the final benefit for the client.

The process continues by conducting the interviews in combination with innovative personnel selection tools and proceeds with the selection of a number of candidates deemed most suitable for the specific position (shortlist). The process concludes with the final hiring of a candidate, which can be done in collaboration with the client. All candidates are evaluated with objectivity, confidentiality and equality through general and specific human resources practices.

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) permeates every aspect of our work, and we offer comprehensive services that help businesses develop and implement sustainable CSR practices. Strategic CSR planning is the foundation of any effort to integrate CSR into business activity. Based on the needs, values ​​and goals of your business, we develop customized plans that combine social action with business strategy. Based on strategic planning, we undertake the full implementation of CSR programs. This can include creating educational programs, organizing volunteer activities, supporting social organizations and more. We regularly analyze and evaluate the progress and results of CSR programs.

Through systematic reporting, we offer our companies a detailed overview of their CSR performance and suggestions for improvement. By choosing CSR services businesses are investing not only in the future of the communities in which they operate, but also in their own success, creating a more sustainable, ethical and societal way of operating.

We are here to help you bring CSR to the heart of your business. Contact us today to begin the journey to a better, more sustainable and rewarding business reality.