Business Development

Business Development

The creation of business plan is an important success criterion for new and already established businesses.  As a tool it helps the company to choose the appropriate strategies for the development of products and services, based on its needs and the market. More simply, a business plan should describe the current stage, indicate the growth goals and highlight the strategies by which they can be achieved. The process of creating a complete and effective business plan is a task that requires significant investment of resources and time by the company. The process we follow is divided into four different stages, each of which takes a unique form. In the first stage, we record in detail your goals, needs and requirements, and evaluate them based on your current strategies. In the second stage, we assess the current condition of the sector which your company operates, presenting the actions of your main competitors and the potential attractiveness of the market. In the third stage, the current position of your company is examined in comparison with the major competitors, under a comparative model assessment. Finally, in the fourth stage, the financial analysis of the company, the proposed actions, the goals, the strategies, and the forecasts for the next years are presented.

Through integrated methods and modern tools, we select the right candidate partners for you, matching their qualifications, skills and knowledge with the respective job position. The successful selection of staff starts with the precise job description and the selection of the appropriate means for communicating the position (one or more). Our company also actively participates in the design of the job position, the responsibilities and the requirements of the prospective partner, in order to maximize the final benefit for our client. The process continues with the conduction of interviews, in combination with innovative staff selection tools and proceeds with the selection of a number of candidates who are considered most suitable for the specific position (shortlist). The process is completed with the final recruitment of a candidate, which can be done in collaboration with the client. All candidates are evaluated with objectivity, confidentiality and equality through general and specialized practices for finding human resources.

Employees are the most important asset of your business and the main source of competitive advantage. In the modern, demanding, and competitive reality, education is an important parameter of success. MindmeUp provides comprehensive and specialized training programs, either on a personal or corporate level in the fields of Innovation and Marketing. The purpose of the programs is to familiarize individuals with the concepts and context of Innovation and Marketing with a view to developing creative thinking. Our difference lies in the fact that the educational programs we provide are fully personalized and designed based on your needs and requirements, while through creative activities and case studies the trainee develops his knowledge and skills. Human resources with creative thinking and knowledge of innovation has the ability to implement their ideas by improving their personal performance and consequently the efficiency of the company.

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