MindmeUp is a new company established in 2021 by Thomas Gkilias, who with a MSc in Innovation Management in UK and MBA in Business Administration in Greece, as well as extensive experience in multinational companies, decided to make his dream come true. MindmeUp emphasizes in collectivity, creativity, experimentation and in the exploitation of the skills of its human capital. We encourage innovation, originality and thinking outside the box from the internal operation of the company up to the final end result addressed to our customers.


Our vision is to effectively respond to the needs of our customers, introducing innovation and excellence in achieving the goals. We aim to gain a strong position in the Greek market, as a competitive company in the Business Consultancy industry, guided by business excellence.


MindmeUp is governed by rules of ethics and professional standards, with an emphasis on the human capital, trust and continuous improvement of efficiency in order to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations.


Our goal is to provide innovative, qualitative and effective solutions on a personal and professional level. The services we offer have a dynamic character and are built with a focus on your respective needs. Key pillar of our philosophy is the creation of long-term relationships of trust, within a creative and innovative framework of cooperation.

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