MindmeUp is a new company established in 2021 by Thomas Gkilias, who with a MSc in Innovation Management in UK and MBA in Business Administration in Greece, as well as extensive experience in multinational companies, decided to make his dream come true. MindmeUp emphasizes in collectivity, creativity, experimentation and in the exploitation of the skills of its human capital. We encourage innovation, originality and thinking outside the box from the internal operation of the company up to the final end result addressed to our customers.

Innovation Management

Work with us to create new business and organizational models, which incorporate in your corporate philosophy the application of a structured and functional model of sustainable innovation.

Business Development

In the highly competitive market, designing effective growth strategies is an important success factor. We record your needs and develop business plans that meet your expectations.

Marketing Services

We create strong, original and sustainable marketing plans, which will strengthen your market share and improve your competitiveness through targeted and clear promotion and communication strategies.

Development Programs

We design and prepare business plans with the ultimate goal of successfully receiving the grant or subsidy. We guide and support you throughout the process of the investment plan, from its submission up to the disbursement of the final installment.

Creation of original presentation

We create original, fully personalized and creative presentations that catch the audience attention and help you present your idea making the difference.

Creation of CV

We design original, structured and creative CVs for academic and professional purposes and help you highlight your personality and the elements that set you apart from the competition.

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